Interactive Games 


Dual Lane Lumberjack Throw

The goal of this game is to throw an ax at a target and try to get the best shot against an opponent. 

Size: 13 X 22

Giant Soccer Dart

The goal of this game is to kick a soccer ball towards the target to score the most points.
Size: 9X19X6

Wrecking Ball Extreme

Size: 27X25X17

Extreme Obstacle Course 

Race to see who can make it through the obstacles the fastest! 
Size: 72L X 10W


Entrance of Extreme Obstacle Course


Side Angle of Extreme Obstacle 


34 Long Obstacle Course

Size: 34L X 10W

Boxing Ring

This ring includes oversize gloves. +
Size: 18L X 18W


Side Angle 34 Long Obstacle Course 


Batter Up! Baseball Game

The goal of this game is to hit the bloating baseball off the tee and try to get the ball into one of the pockets in the wall. 
Size: 14H X 14W X 21L

Human Wack-A-Mole

Everyone has played wack-a-mole before! The game has human moles take away balls from the person in the middle. The person in the middle must wack the human mole to eliminate them. 
This game includes an inflatable hammer and a padded head guard. 
Size: 15L X 15W

Disco Dome 

This is a jumper that that has a speaker built into it that can be connected to your phone. It also includes disco lights. 
Size: 19H X 19W X 22L


Sticky Wall 

See how high you can jump with the sticky wall! Try to stick onto the and see how high you can go! 
Includes Velcro suits to stick to the wall
Size: 12H X 13W X 21L